Top Interior Designers Predict 2021’s Biggest Kitchen Design Trends! What’s New in the World of Kitchen Design?

Looking to have a new elegant kitchen design or want to update your kitchen? check out some of the thoughts and insights on the latest kitchen trends by top interior designers, decorators that are set to dominate in 2021, in addition, we have thrown a few hot trends of our own. 

Whether you are up to invest in a new kitchen design or want to refresh tired-looking kitchen interiors, a successful kitchen design amalgamates several elements including layout, worktops, cabinets, appliances, and so forth. If 2020 was the living kitchen where aesthetic, function, and technology blended to make day-to-day lives a little easier, now the question is what’s new in store for 2021 and beyond? Specifically, what would be demanding from the kitchens post-pandemic? 

For 2021, the humble kitchen is reinventing itself. Nowadays, the modern kitchen is where we prepare as well as enjoy meals-and most of the top interior designers in Hyderabad claim that the role of the kitchen has been altered now for socializing rather than cooking, & it is an office, classroom, restaurant, and much more.

And the interior designers aim to make your lives easier by creating a statement space that is both beautiful and practical. 

The most desirable kitchen designs would combine purpose and personality as well, interior designs that encourage a new appetite from more highly curated kitchens that are 100% original & should reflect your personal taste. 

Kitchens could be costly investments and are not easily interchangeable. Using cabinet fronts, tiles, or shelving units, paints to add a splash of colours to walls is not just only cost-effective but also allows for a unique burst of personality and creativity to be injected with ease. 

To give you all the trendy yet modern kitchen inspiration you will need, here are the biggest kitchen design trends for the Millennial of 2021, from surface choices to finishes, colour, themes, to layouts. Let’s get straight into the topic:

Smart Usage of space—This means using modular kitchen designs ingeniously so that it doubles your storage space while giving a sleek look to your kitchen. The invariable demand for fitting everything in the smallest spaces is so high, cupboards, dishwashers, fridges, and other kitchen appliances’ contours are integrated into the storage space of the kitchen. Some of the kitchen appliances can be hidden behind the cabinets to give a minimalistic yet clutter-free look. 

Smart Kitchens—Smart kitchens are new age, they are being evolutionary. Motion detection sensors and touch functions are some of the recent technological advancements in home and kitchen décor. In terms of 2021 modular kitchen designs, smart refrigerators that would alert about food stock and the foot that is unfit for consumption will be observed.  

Environmental consciousness—Millennial homeowners just do not want good interiors, they want sustainable and eco-friendly interiors. This includes utilizing recycled materials to reusing old appliances in construction and also the reduced use of plastic items wherever possible. 

Repurposing old and used materials into something which is unpredictable and not anticipated is a trend that has been highlighted for quite some time. One of the most renowned modular kitchen designs of 2021 would be energy-efficient windows. They are quite shiny, super cool, and reflect maximum light and thus your kitchen would be a well-lit area.

Colour Palette—-single-themed kitchens are no longer fashionable.   Nowadays, dual-toned kitchens are trendy. The older fashion of vinyl-based and plastic interiors is long gone. Millennials now want kitchens to be like “extensions” of their living rooms.  However, age-old retro trends of having a fusion of fancy tiles, bricks, & cabinets are now making a comeback. 

This latest trend boasts the added advantage of having simple, concrete countertops, cost-efficient quartz, as against the plastic ones used in the past.

Design theme—kitchens that are curated with a theme that reflects the taste and personality of the homeowner. Themes could come from anywhere, we have right from rustic, modern to minimalistic themes and so on. The key idea of having a theme is to use various design elements that represent the kitchen theme.  

Smart lighting—Lighting aspect in the kitchen should never be overlooked, one can use soft, cabinet lights and spotlights and a lot more. add a light that emulates your personality and also serves the purpose. Rather than choosing any specific shade in the lighting department, try to go for earthy tones such as brown and grey. 

 Smart gadgets or accessories—-Technology is evolving, there have been rising demands for the latest gadgetry in almost every aspect of the kitchen. this could include smart refrigerators, taps, electronic kitchen hobs, etc. 

Flooring options—though flooring was not considered much previously, there has been an increasing demand for hardwood flooring. With a multitude of designs, patterns available, ceramic flooring is one of the popular choices. 

Open kitchens—-the kitchen space is no longer confined to cooking, the home and commercial interior designers in Hyderabad have embraced the new concept of open kitchens, which seemingly integrate with the dining tables with the living or drawing rooms. 

Multiple-layered/Multi-purpose Islands—kitchen islands are always a part of kitchen designs in any year. And why not? Multi-layered islands are the perfect way to enhance the storage area & look trendy simultaneously. Try to use multi-layered or multi-purpose kitchen islands so that you could cover the maximum area. 

Countertops—–Countertops are ideal conversation starters. Marble countertops are obvious in demand & trending. But if you wish to use an alternative to marble, then quartz countertops also look beautiful. They are exceptionally long-lasting, affordable, and of course easy to maintain.

Bottom Line 

Changing design trends are based on current developments as well as resource use. Kitchen designs are now modifying to be more resource-efficient & using minimalism wherever possible. These are the kitchen design trends that stand the test of time. For sure, the trend for ingenious storage continues to be the key design choice and the demand for efficient and space-saving kitchens is only going to increase.

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