What Are The Key Elements In Interior Design?

The main goal of everyone is to keep the space in their home, office, or commercial place attractive and comfortable. And to achieve the interior design goals, making the interiors attractive with décor items and designing the space more comfortable with top-notch furniture is not the only solution. Along with that there are certain factors, even we can say principles or elements, that will make the interior space really good. 

If you are planning to design the interiors of your new house or want to renovate your old interiors, then read this article completely. You can gain knowledge about the importance of various elements, which play a key role in interior design.

There are basically seven key elements that will play a key role in the interior design. Maintaining those seven key elements in the interior design is not an easy task. So, it would be better if you hire commercial  interior designers  in Hyderabad for designing the space. 

Seven Elements of Interior Design

The seven elements of interior design are,

  1. Space
  2. Light
  3. Pattern 
  4. Color
  5. Form 
  6. Texture
  7. Line

Let’s know about the seven elements of interior designing.


The first and one of the important elements is space. The space between the furniture and the other objects play an important role in making the interiors functional. The space must be well balanced to make the interior more comfortable for the people. 

There are two types of spaces, one is positive space and the other one is negative space. The difference between the two spaces is simple, the space where we keep the objects like sofas, tables, armchairs, etc. is called Positive space. And the space between the objects or furniture (gaps) is known as negative space. 

There must be a proper balance between the positive and negative space. The positive space is used for furniture and the negative space is used for navigating from one room to another. An interior with more positive space will make the room or space crowded and over-furnished. On the other hand, too much negative space makes the room impersonal and under-furnished.


Light is one of the most important elements of interior design. While designing the rooms, lighting of the room should be emphasized more. The interiors should have both natural and artificial light. 

The natural light helps to keep the interior space more attractive, warm, and healthy. Artificial lighting helps to enhance the brightness in the room. While designing the room, furniture and other décor items should be placed properly. So that they won’t restrict the light from the sources to enter the room. 


Patterns include everything that is present in the interior space. Pattern tells us how the objects, wall design, lighting, etc. are used in the room. Patter is very important to enhance the appearance of the interior space. 

Interior designers are good at designing the interior space using certain patterns. They will be experienced and they know how to use patterns in interior design. So, this is one of the benefits of hiring interior designers.


Colors of the interior space will have a huge impact on our mind. When we enter any room, the first thing that gets our attention is the colors of the room. Selecting the right color combination is an art, and everyone is an expert at it. 

Hiring interior designers will help to make the right color combinations. They know the psychology of the people, and they can improve the appearance of the interior space by adding the best colors to the room. 


Form is defined as the combination of the different lines that become a shape. There are different kinds of forms like geometric forms, curves, etc. The forms like 3D forms, natural curves, etc. will enhance the beauty of the interior space. So, choosing the right forms and placing them in the perfect spot is very important. 


Texture is always confused with the pattern and color. But in reality, it is an invisible element. But it will be sensed, our feelings will depend on the external objects, like how we arrange them, how someone feels when he sees those arrangements, etc. 

Interior designers know the psychology of the people, so they can arrange the objects to give better appearance and feel to the interiors.


The objects in the room like furniture, and walls etc. will create some kind of line. The lines will be mostly vertical and horizontal. So, arranging the object to form lines that are appealing is very important. 

These are the important elements in the interior design, and they play an important role in enhancing the interiors. 

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