Home Interior Renovation Ideas And Tips From Interior Designers

While designing or renovating your home is no doubt exciting at the same time it could be overwhelming. If you are trying to achieve the right balance of décor, form, as well as function, then this may have its challenges. Regardless of your style, the size of the space and the small details equally matter. 

Below, our award-winning professional interior designers share some advice on how to start tackling interior designing. If you are planning to decorate your new home, or want to upgrade your kitchen or home, or just want some design inspiration to remodel your space, here are 6-best tips from professional interior designers in Hyderabad for tweaking your décor.  

Determine your Own Style

How do you want your space to feel? Here is a trick to help you refine your style: Take a look at your wardrobe. You may prefer bespoke pieces or more casual, more comfortable items. You may be prone to certain colors and patterns or maybe you just want a space to have a unique feeling.   

Another way to help you determine your style is to come up with keywords that define how a room should feel. Consider design inspirations from all facets of life. Remember a hotel where you stay or a restaurant where you had dinner. Perhaps it was a minimalist interior from your trip to various places adorned with worn-out leather chairs. Our expert home interior designers in Hyderabad use them as a starting point to discuss with clients when they are hired to help them design their home interiors.

Figure Out your Tastes & Preferences  

We can easily express our dislikes and even it implies interior design preferences as well. By removing dislike from the equation, we could eliminate some things and restrict others. It is much easier for people to express what they do not like. 

For instance, a bold, large-format print, for example, might remind you of your childhood that you don’t want to see in your own room. A winged chair could evoke memories of a time-out when you pulled your sisters by the hair. Certain colors might evoke feelings of past design trends that you don’t necessarily want to repeat. Memories and reactions are personal and individual and can determine your tastes. 

Build Around Your Space   

Space planning is one of the major essential concerns which impact the overall look. People often use too-large furniture for a too-small space. Typically, prefer large-scale furnishings that don’t suit their interiors.    

Think of the balance between space and everything else. When building furniture, you have to have room for everything. For larger rooms, consider setting up zones for various activities: a sitting area for conversation, an area for watching TV, a work area with a desk or table for projects and games, and so on. 

Sample your Paints 

Choosing the right colour is one of the most important and cost-effective decisions that you can make. Proper paint choices can harmoniously connect your spaces. Proportions and scale are crucial to the design. Everyone loves symmetry, but some things seem artificial, you try to make everything symmetrical. 

Always look at the house as a whole. And consider how colours affect your mood. Some hues make people feel elated, calm or even excited. Nifty’s residential & commercial interior designers in Hyderabad can support you greatly in paint selection and help you with other wall patterns and textures. 

Try out the actual color of your walls and sample various options. Observe the colour in the morning with natural light and in the evening with a light. A go-to color that works for one project may not work for another. What works for your friend’s home might not work well for you at home. A sample from the paint shop may be a helpful starting point, but what looks good on template may not translate to the interior. 

Instead of white, try a handful of different shades for the walls, paying particular attention to the undertones. It can be a touch of pink, blue or yellow. The external environment can influence temperature and light. The sky and the vegetation can cause green and blue reflections on the interior walls. 

Combine High & Low Price Points 

Pedigree does not always mean better whether it be furniture art or dogs. Consider an unknown designer or decorator & buy based on shape, comfort, and how the furniture or art works for you & your specific needs. 

The humble object with the greatest soul can be the most beautiful thing in a room. Don’t be afraid to combine high & low price points. Do not be precious about what is important. On the contrary, interior designers at Nifty interior designing company in Hyderabad, suggest splurge on something that you really love. 

Start from the Ground Up 

Interior designing can be overwhelming, people always want to know where to start. For some rooms, I suggest starting from scratch and opting for floor coverings. It does not matter if you want parquet floors in all areas, carpets, tiles, stone walls, or carpeting. Imagine your floor dictating other parts and layers of the room. 

When you start with antique rugs, you can use the colors of the rugs to formulate a color palette. If you choose neutral tones, natural fibers, and many patterns and colors, you have more options for colors and upholstery. 

It is important to plan things in tandem, otherwise, you end up with a circus effect in which too many things happen in one room without the whole thing working well. Start with sofas and upholstered chairs and restrict your style accordingly. There is more flexibility with carpet, with dozens or even hundreds of options. It is a simple & easier approach to make your final decision for the floor covering decision first & then layer.

Planning to design your spaces, our designers can guide you throughout the process. From saving you money & time to making sure that everything comes together, an professional & experienced interior designer can take your interiors to the next level. Adding long-lasting value to your residential and other commercial spaces & making the design process effortless.

Ready to embark on your interior design journey? Nifty offers customized interior designing services with contactless delivery. 

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