10 Best DIY Budget-Friendly Home Décor Ideas

Most of us want a stylish, high-end looking, and inviting home, but the thought of putting in the time, all the effort & money into it could be very overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several ways-even on a budget that you can have the high-end elegant look you dream of.

Nifty interior designers in Hyderabad have shared a few secrets and ingenious tricks over the years that have given homeowners some insights on how they could make their homes look elegant yet functional without breaking the bank. 

Refresh your home for less with the help of affordable decorating ideas. Give your living spaces a budget-friendly boost with the best DIY décor ideas using repurposed items or just use what you already have to create low-cost home décor. 

From adding pillows, and window treatments, to a fresh coat of paint, these are simple décor solutions that you need to know about. Here we have rounded up the 10-best DIY simple & affordable décor ideas to revamp your home to look elegant and comfortable. 

10 Quick, Simple, & Inexpensive Home Decorating Ideas:

If you feel hiring home interior designers is overrated, take a little timeout, and effort to decorate your home. Here is the list of ideas that are fun & affordable. 

Repainting- Colour Matters 

A fresh coat of paint brightens up your spaces and if your space is feeling dreary, there is no need to fret. You could change up the mood with just a simple paint job. You can prefer traditional white or beige walls to lighten up your things and you can also have fun by trying a little out-of-the-box style 

If you are after elegance, there are some colours that could add instant glamour to your home. Choose one of the colours from bold, soft, or dramatic, understated hues, which allow instant elegance to your spaces. It simply depends on which option you choose that suits your personality.

New Pillows for chairs and Couches 

pillows can serve multiple purposes and if they are chosen correctly, they can really enhance the elegance factor. They provide extra comfort on the couch chairs and offer a layered and cozy feeling to your rooms. 

While speaking about the comfort aspect, try to pick the pillows that are large enough to rest on. transform your ordinary chairs or give your couch a new lease on life with the right and well-placed pillows. Nice patterned pillows may do the trick or you can also go for varied shapes to change things up. Use some interesting pillow covers.

Window Treatments 

It is evident that a home without proper window treatments would look unfinished & cheap. Fortunately, window treatments are one of the affordable ways to add some dash of elegance to your home. Floor-to-ceiling curtains and patterned/colored shades are a go-to option for a laid-back aesthetic and for those who love nothing more dose of drama in their home décor. 

Add Some Green 

The easiest, simplest, and most cost-effective way to add aesthetics to your personal spaces is by adding plants. Adding some plants adds life quite literally. Be it big indoor plants, hanging plants, faux plants, plant frames or even succulents.

Rearranging the furniture for a new look 

Rearranging furniture is one of the best ways to embrace a new home look, which is just to rethink the things that you already own. If it has been a while since you have changed your interior, then this can be one of the great home décor ideas to fit your needs.

Indirect lighting 

Lighting can make a big difference. Ensure that your home gets a lot of natural lighting coming in. and try to make it cozy in the evening by adding some lamps, candles, or fairly lights or lighted glass jars. You can approach our professional residential or commercial interior designers in Hyderabad for the best lighting solutions that suit your home & your lifestyle.  

Use some original art 

adding some display units or original wall art will make your home look more spacious & open. Also, you can get a fancy space for storage. Try to display vintage décor items, memorabilia, display books, and also some quirky possessions.


Hand-crafted wallpapers or patterned ones using a sponge brush or some leftover paint can completely transform your room and costs nothing if you have such décor items at your home.

Get rid of unsightly items 

Before you start worrying about the décor items that you can & can’t afford to buy, find out what you want and should get rid of. Damaged, dated and worn items can make your home look disservice, and if they are non-essential, removing them could be a better option to have a clutter-free look.

A few decor items can go a long way 

No one likes clutter and as far as home décor ideas are concerned, a couple of well-placed items can improve things up a little. While personalizing your space to represent things that are really important to you, if you are obsessed with pets or any other things you can try pet-themed décor. 

People obsessed with the outdoors can bring them inside the home with the help of some fun representations and uncommon decorations.

Use of vintage bookcases, installing new faucets, mirrors, and showcasing collectibles can also make your home look beautiful on a budget.

These ideas will help you get the look you live while decorating your home on a budget so you could spend less for more style. 


We all want a stylish home that is all our own, but it would be nice if it did not cost so darn much. With some creativity, savvy tips, and a little know-how you could turn your home into a place that suits your personal style within your budget.  

Appropriate Planning, choosing the right items and avoiding poor and cheap quality items, and shopping wisely help you to create high-end designs. 

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