Turn your ordinary Kitchen into Modular Kitchen Design

Undoubtedly, the kitchen is one of the most important and frequented places. Therefore, making this space more comfortable becomes essential as a lot of time is spent here. Being the hub of the home, all meal preparatory activities take place here. Therefore, it needs to be well organized to work there conveniently. Also, the space needs to be optimally managed to avoid mess and clutter. A modular kitchen, being more technical and functional, takes care of these requirements and is more effective than the traditional kitchen. It offers an elegant and stylish look and improves the cooking experience. Modular Kitchen Design can be incorporated into any conventionally designed kitchen too. Homeowners can opt for partial or complete renovation with proper planning based on their needs and requirements. If you plan to invest in remodelling your kitchen, you should plan it efficiently. 

Things to consider when designing a modular kitchen

The trend of redesigning an ordinary kitchen has become quite popular recently. But before opting for modular kitchen installation, it is essential to efficiently plan according to your requirements as lifestyles and needs vary from home to home. Also, the budget should be taken into account. You should seek professional help and discuss your ideas to guide you better. 

The most efficient way to design a kitchen

Modular kitchen design need not be complex and expensive. Instead, factors such as utility and comfort should be prioritized. Here we provide a Modular Kitchens Guide that can help you plan better.

  • Plan the Kitchen Layout

Efficient planning can give you better results. It would be best to decide the position of the drawers, the accessories, and appliances required, counter-top design, etc. At this stage, you must finalize the things you want to retain and the ones you wish to change. Wisely planning the layout can give excellent results. There are different layout options like L-shaped modular kitchen, straight line modular kitchen, U-shaped modular kitchen, parallel modular kitchen, and even more. You can choose the layout option based on the floor area, required storage space, ease of movement, etc. 

  • Customize the Cabinets 

There are a lot of options available for Modular Kitchen Cabinet Design. Cabinets can be tailor-made according to your requirements as they form a significant part of the kitchen and accommodate all appliances, pots and pans, cutlery, utensils, etc. Thus, it becomes crucial to design the cabinets to optimize the storage area. You must opt for durable materials like water-resistant plywood, acrylic, laminates. You should also consider the colour combination and go for a matte finish or glossy look. 

  • Modular Kitchen Accessories

You can choose to install different accessories in your modular kitchen based on your requirements and convenience. For example, pull-out baskets can be installed for easy access. Cutlery organizers, under-sink accessories, bottle pull-outs are some options that you can integrate to make your kitchen more functional. 

  • Install Stainless Steel Modular Shelves

Stainless steel modular shelves can be customized according to your preferences and storage needs. They are also budget-friendly and cost-effective. Additionally, they are pretty durable, robust, and highly resistant. Also, they require less maintenance. They do not rust easily and can bear harsh temperatures, moisture, and heavy usage. Another advantage of using stainless steel is that it is eco-friendly and can be recycled in the future. 

  • Install a Chimney

Ventilation in the kitchen area is crucial. Accumulation of toxic gases and smoke can make breathing difficult. Besides, the oil, dirt, and smoke can stick to the walls, tiles, counter-tops, and even the cabinets, making them dirty and sticky. These stains and grime affect the look of your kitchen. Besides, these things also ruin your cooking experience. Installing a chimney can help in regulating the air. Also, they have a high suction capacity and can prevent excess grease and smoke. In addition, it contains the lingering of unpleasant smell and aroma and makes breathing comfortable. There are different options available, and you can go for a wall-mounted chimney, ductless chimney, etc. 

  • Colour Combination

Adding colours to your kitchen can uplift your mood and improve your kitchen’s overall appearance. Different colour combinations can lend a sophisticated vibe and elegant appeal. You can go for vibrant colour combinations and add hues of blue or yellow or even red to your kitchen to make it look brighter and cheerful. You can also opt for greys and whites to offer a more soothing look. Also, metallic combinations like gold and copper shades can be used for knobs, handles, etc. Wooden tones are also on-trend and can make your kitchen stand out.

  • Introduce Under-cabinet Lighting

Generally, the cabinets are not lighted in a conventional kitchen and appear dark and shady. Providing under-cabinet lighting can oomph up your kitchen’s look and help in better illumination. This will improve the kitchen’s appearance and accessibility to items as well. 

Understanding what works for your family

Every family has different requirements. It would be best to understand your family’s needs and then decide what will work best for you. For example, large families require more space for storage, and thus space optimization becomes an essential factor. If there are kids in the family, extra protective measures are to be taken, like the cabinets and countertops must be placed at a greater height to prevent accidents. Therefore, you must plan the kitchen based on your family preferences. 

 A checklist for planning your kitchen

Kitchen planning is a tricky job and involves a lot of details. Before remodelling your kitchen, you should consider the following items.

  • Layout and Design

The complete layout for the kitchen counter-top, platform, and cabinets must be planned. Next, the flooring design, materials to be used, colour, and finish must be decided. Finally, the colour combination, cabinet design, interior materials, lighting systems, countertop details, etc., must be finalized. Different designers can help you with modular kitchen ideas

  • Gadgets and Appliances

You must decide what gadgets and appliances you need to install in your kitchen based on your requirements. Basic requirements include grinders, mixers, microwaves, and induction cooktops. Also, electrical fixtures are an essential part of every kitchen. The sockets and plug points must be placed at an appropriate distance, and wiring should be done carefully to prevent mishaps. So, you should list the technical requirements of your kitchen before planning for remodelling.

  • Cooking and Cleaning

The cooking requirements like heat supply, electric and gas cooktops, cooking pots and pans, utensils, etc., should be decided beforehand. Also, the plumbing and cleaning needs must be accommodated in the checklist as they form an essential plan of kitchen planning.

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