Ultimate Guide for Living Room Wallpaper Designs

The living room is the focal point of your home and the majority of your daily activities revolve around that space. It becomes important to set this space up as families spend most of the time here and guests are entertained too. It sets up the tone of the home. So, we at Nifty Interiors pay special attention when it comes to decorating the living space. Adorning the walls of your living room with wallpapers can transform your home as a whole, elevating its complete look. There are abundant choices available that can help you decorate the walls easily with a creative touch. They are available in different patterns and styles, that can create an instant impact and radiate good vibes. You should definitely consider installing wallpaper designs if you want to add a luxurious touch and brighten up your living area.

All about Wallpapers

Wallpapers are used for interior decoration which can be set on the walls to improve the overall look of any room. It has been quite a trend to include wallpapers for sprucing up the home. Wallpapers can enliven the atmosphere of the room, adding a new dimension and creating a beautiful backdrop. They can instantly metamorphose a dull-looking space into an attractive one. It is an easy and affordable option and can be customized as per your choices, occasions, and events.

There are different types of wallpapers available. There are paper-based wallpapers available that are quite budget-friendly. Paper-backed vinyl wallpapers that have a special coating of vinyl. It is water-resistant and can be wiped off and cleaned easily. Non-woven wallpapers give a sophisticated look as they are made up of natural or synthetic fibres. They are a bit expensive. There are also solid vinyl wallpapers that are quite durable as they have a vinyl sheet covering the fabric or paper design. It can be washed too. PVC or coated vinyl wallpapers are better options as the paper base is sprayed with an acrylic layer. Even if these wallpapers lack a refined finishing touch, they are moisture-resistant and also affordable. One can also go for fabric wallpapers.

Selecting wallpapers can get a bit confusing as there are a wide variety of options available and hundreds of designs to choose from. Details regarding Living Room Wallpaper Designs have been discussed here.

Pros and Cons of Wallpapers

Let us start with the advantages of using wallpapers for Home Interior Design.

§  Pros of Wallpapers

They are quite durable and long-lasting too. Where paints need to be retouched frequently, wallpapers can even sustain for as long as ten years. They are a long-term investment and are also very cost-effective.

They are quite convenient and can be installed easily with expert assistance. It requires very less tools. While painting your walls can create a lot of mess and consume a good deal of time, wallpaper installation creates less clutter and also is done quite faster.

The visual appeal of wallpapers can uplift the look of the room, bringing the “wow” effect. Also, there are plentily available options of different textures and patterns, shades and colours that can give a luxurious look to your living room.

Wallpapers are easy to clean. They can be vacuumed, wiped, or broomed regularly to remove any stain and dirt. The best part of using wallpapers is that they can also be easily removed.

Another pro of using wallpapers is that even damages and defects on walls can be hidden using wallpaper and they can look spectacular.

§  Cons of Wallpapers

High-quality wallpapers are a bit expensive. Even reinstalling wallpapers involves a high cost. They can also dominate the look of the room and therefore, must be chosen wisely. The designs might become outdated or seem boring with time.

A major disadvantage of using wallpapers is the peeling issue. Moisture can be damaging and frequent cleaning can lead to shredding off of wallpapers. Peeled off and shredded wallpapers ruin the look of the area.

Wallpaper cutting requires precise and accurate measurements as well as professional help. Besides, if the quality of the wallpapers is not up to the mark, it can be damaging to the walls as well. Also, there is concern about the release of VOC compounds from the PVC wallpapers.

Selecting the Right Living Room Wallpaper

You should consider a few things when selecting wallpaper for the living room.


Based on the area and volume of the room, you can go for different wallpaper designs. If you want to make the room look big and more spacious, you can choose subtle patterns or monochromes. Also, vertical lines can make the room appear taller.


Based on your preference, you can choose different coloured wallpapers. Bright colours can light up the space. Pastels and whites are also popular choices. You can opt for solid colours for a bold look. Besides, you can also use tonal colours.


The lighting of the space can also influence the wallpaper designs. A brightly lit area can reflect light and bring a sunny disposition when decorated with bright coloured wallpapers.


Based on the style of your home, you can go for traditional wallpapers with minimal relaxing designs or for modern contemporary wallpapers.


You can choose geometric patterns, floral or block prints, with different textures too.

Trending Wallpaper Designs for Living Room

Some of the trending Wallpaper Design for Hall are:

Mural Wallpapers

Mural wallpapers can redefine the look of the living room. Arts, colourful motifs, magical forest themes and other designs can give you the backdrop of your choice.

Floral Wallpapers

Floral prints radiate a bright and fresh vibe. You can design the walls of your living room using floral patterns and add a natural as well as an artistic touch.

Geometric Wallpapers

There are different geometric wallpapers available with linear designs and asymmetrical patterns. The right combination of colours can enhance these patterns and make them visually appealing too.

3D Wallpapers

They can create the desired impact and illusion. They help in adding depth and drawing more attention. 3D wallpapers are quite a trend and have become a popular choice.

Looking to Hire Interior Designer in Hyderabad?

You can opt for Interior Design Services if you are planning to decorate your living room area. You can choose different Interior Design Wallpapers as per your preference and customize the desired space accordingly. If you are looking to hire Interior Designer in Hyderabad, Nifty Interiors are the best choice. You can shortlist your preferences and contact Nifty Interior designers once you finalize your requirements, ideas, and budget. You can also ask for the quotations and then decide accordingly.