Office Interior Design Is a Thing of The Now

Over the past few years, the idea of office interiors has changed significantly. Dull and boring office spaces look quite uninviting. Interior designs can influence mood and energy at a conscious as well as subconscious level. Trendy, functional workspaces with colors, lighting and decor can make a huge difference. It can have a meaningful impact on the employees as it helps in creating a conducive and productive work atmosphere. Visually appealing workstations are quite a thing now and organizations are increasingly focusing on this aspect. An appealing office interior design can add to the essence of the organization as well.

Why is Getting the Office Décor Right Important?

If you are wondering, why the right office decor is important then here are the answers:

·  Flexible Workspace

A productive workplace is the foundation for a successful organization. With a good interior plan, you can create a flexibly activity-based workplace that can lead to a happy workforce. As per the demands of the work environment, you can go for an open style workstation or enclosed cubicles. The workspace must be flexible, inclusive and cater to different needs. It’s obvious that different employees have different preferences, but the larger picture should be considered, and a flexible and adaptive workplace is to be designed.

·  Tech integrated Workstations

In modern office space design, technology plays an important role. Facilitating smart working using the latest technologies for video conferencing, meetings, presentations, conferences, and other business operations is crucial. Also, convenient plugging, adequate power outlets, laptops or desktops should be accommodated to create an efficient and productive workplace.

· Natural aesthetics is the trend

Natural aesthetic spaces look appealing and add elements of calmness and peace. Optimal designs keeping functionality as the central idea. Adding a few plants and keeping provision for natural lighting can make a huge difference.

Future Office Décor Style (Due to Covid)

The recent pandemic has drastically changed the work culture. Organizations are reimagining their workplaces to adapt a flexible work culture, taking care of the interests of the employees. Here are some of the trends that will make into the office decor style post COVID.

· Telecommuting Option

Telecommuting has been a lifesaver for offices this pandemic. And as the uncertainty prevails, this model is to stay for long. Thus, setting up workstations for employees so that they can work from their home efficiently is quite important. Alos, as there are plans to adopt hybrid work models, companies should plan on installing an optimally designed functional workspace for the employees at their home.

· Social Distancing at the workplace

Designing an entirely new office space or remodeling an existing one- in both cases, social distancing must be incorporated as safety needs to be prioritized at any cost. Investing in personal laptops, ensuring adequate distancing between workstations, and planning for sanitization is important.

·  Meeting spaces (open spaces than in rooms)

Open meeting spaces are also preferred as closed spaces are higher risk areas. Installing dividing screens, making proper seating arrangements, making use of technology to facilitate video calls, meetings, and conferences, making the best use of technology is a must these days. These things must be considered while designing or redesigning office spaces post COVID.

· Sanitized workspaces

It cannot be stressed enough how important sanitization has become. Establishing cleaning and sanitizing protocols for workplaces are important. Decluttering the office space, making provisions to keep the desks organized and mess free, scheduling cleaning routines will be essential. Besides, sanitizing stations can be designed where necessary cleaning supplies can be placed for frequent sanitization personal devices.

·  Common cutlery redesigned

As usage of common cutlery possess high risk of infection, kitchens, canteens, and pantries at offices need to be reinvented. Disposable cutlery can be used. Installing dishwashers in each department will also be a good option. So adequate arrangements should be made to redesign office canteens.

Things To Consider Before Setting Up Your Office Space Again

As you plan to set up your office space again, these are few things that you must consider:

· Time for interior work considering the current scenario

Office interiors need to be redesigned specifically as per the current demands. Existing office spaces need to be modeled differently to accommodate a flexible work culture, promoting productivity and creativity. Additionally, contactless models need to be incorporated to prevent the chances of infection. Therefore, it is high time to invest in interior work and transform your traditional office into healthy and green workspaces.

· Have flexible budget (best option is to hire interior designer service to eliminate extra charges)

The budget should be flexible as you need to incorporate different ideas. Seeking professional help for such projects is always a better option as it will help you plan your space efficiently and effectively within your budget. Besides, they have expertise and experience in implementing different ideas. So, it is important to hire an interior designer.

· Balance comfort and functionality

It is essential to strike a balance between comfort and functionality. Employees and staff must feel comfortable to work. Also, functionally designed office spaces are optimal solutions. Smart professional solutions should be included, using advanced technologies.

· Future Renovation oriented

Flexible models are adopted so that future renovation work can be adopted. With changing times, new trends will set in. Therefore, it is important to design your office space accordingly so that in the future, these trends can also be accommodated when needed. So, the office interior design must be future renovation oriented.

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Poor work environment can be demoralizing and uninspiring. Creating an active and friendly office space can foster creativity and productivity. Employees feel inspired to work and a good interior also has a positive psychological impact. But every business has different needs and requirements. The interior design must complement the tone of the business and stick to the essence. Thus, it requires proper planning and implementation to create the best interior solutions for your office space.

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