Top Summer Interior Design Trends for 2022

Summers are here and it’s time to style up the ambiance of your home and introduce some change. Homes directly influence our moods and bringing in some bright elements to your design can be refreshing. There are a lot of things you cannot do this summer if you want to make some changes to your interiors- be it changing your curtains, introducing floral and dreamy wallpapers, or simply bringing in some blooming flowers and adding them to your vases. Whether you are planning a completely new setup or a makeover of your existing space, you may need some interior design tips to beat the heat. So, here we present the top summer interior design trends to follow in 2022.

Nautical Textures

Nautical textures bring in a sense of coolness and calmness Summers are the best time to introduce the nautical style of design and add in a breezy element and an even bluish tone. The best way to incorporate nautical decor into your home is through patterns and textures.

As walls are the highlights of any space, changing the wallpaper design can change the overall look significantly. You can also add these colors to the furnishings or rugs.

Here are some tips that can help you in designing your space with the timeless nautical vibes:

  • Choose the colors wisely

Mostly blue and white colors dominate the nautical palette,  but you can choose a shade according to your choice. Go for bright colors as summers fill in your home with ample sunlight and bright colors can radiate the sunrays beautifully.

  • Focus on texture and materials

When choosing the wallpaper or furnishing, pay attention to the texture of the materials. You can choose beautiful patterns to enhance the decor. Besides, adding jute rugs can also add to the look.

  • Add lighting for an aesthetic look

Natural sunlight can amplify the nautical decor and brighten up the space. So, make provisions to ensure that your space invites bright natural light. Also, consider adding traditional lamps or lanterns to create an appealing look.

Floral Fabric Pattern

Floral themes are quite in trend and summers do call for this change. Pastel colors set up a peaceful tone and bring in a good balance. You can go for floral designs when choosing the fabric for your furnishings, curtains or cushions for your living room. Also, extend the theme to your bedroom and get some beautiful floral bedsheets. You will fall in love with your space with just this slight makeover.

Here are some tips that can help you better when incorporating floral designs:

  • Check the size of the prints

There are different types of floral designs and they come in a variety of sizes too. You can opt for smaller prints or larger prints as per your choice. Try to create a balance and bring in different patterns for different elements.

  • Choose subtle pastel colors

Subtle pastel colors go very well with almost all spaces. There is a huge palette of pastel colors that you can choose from. You can also choose neutral colors. These colors can add the required brightness to your space during summer. You can easily combine different styles for a creative look. You can apply solid colors to the background to highlight the motifs.

  • Consider digital pastels

Digital pastel prints are visually appealing and can enhance the vibes of a place instantly. Select unique digital designs for your cushions or curtains and you will love the effect it will create.

Handmade Cushions and Rugs

You need not invest a lot in summer interior design ideas.  Even minor changes like getting some handmade cushions and rugs can actually create a lot of difference. Handmade items have their own charm. Moreover, these rugs and cushions look very elegant.

When choosing cushions and rugs for your home, do consider these tips:

  • Color coordinate well

You can unleash your creativity and coordinate different colors to spruce up your home. Do not overcrowd any area, rather maintain the balance.

  • Embroidered designs look beautiful

Embroidery works look very rich and elegant. Go for these designs when choosing cushion covers. Embroidered rugs are also great for corners.

  • Pay attention to patterns and texture

Patterns and textures can elevate any design. Select them according to your taste. Create a cozy and inviting place this summer by experimenting with different styles.

Vintage Styles

Vintage styles can never be outdated, rather they are valued more with time. One of the best interiors designing tips this summer is to add vintage-style decor to your home. These styles make the ambiance quite comfortable, leaving behind a nostalgic feeling.

So, to add to that ancient vibe, here are a few tips that you might find useful:

  • Go for a minimalist look

You should not add too many accessories for creating a vintage theme. Keep it minimal for good impact.

  • Brass vessels look elegant

You can get some antique brass vessels and add flowers to them for a fresh vibe. Vintage vases look very sophisticated, and you can put in artificial flowers or fresh blooming flowers from your garden.

  • Create a vintage corner

If you do not want to change the overall theme of your space, you can create a vintage corner for yourself and add a few decor pieces or a selected furniture piece like a bookshelf, or chair.

Top summer interior design trends from Nifty Interio

Professional interior designers can help you with better summer interior design ideas as well as interior makeover tips. As they are well experienced in their field and know a lot more about designs and decor, it is always recommended to seek expert advice and help when planning your interior. Nifty Interio can provide you with the best interior design trends this summer and can help you transform your living spaces. So, for interior design solutions, Nifty Interio is at your service.