Construction and Interior Design Tiles for 2022

Creating beautifully stylish places has always been a priority for home and business owners. Incorporating new designs, and adding new elements to modify your space, makes your interior appealing and attractive. Be it a newly constructed house or an existing area that you want to remodel – you can always choose to bring in a change and remain on-trend.

Everyone wants to go for timeless styles and classic looks that can continue for years. A critical aspect of interior designing that can help you create such timeless looks is the design of the tiles for your home. Until a long time, tiles were only used for the flooring. But they have become a part of the wall designs as well.

Besides, tiles are not only essential for decor but also are an important investment that makes living easier and better. They make the place more hygienic and are easy to maintain too. As they come in different shapes, sizes, patterns, designs and colors, you have a plethora of options to choose from. For the perfect tile combination, you need to make sure that the design complements the decor and serves the purpose.

The importance of interior design tiles will remain in trend for the coming years. Therefore, if you are planning your new space, or are in the mood to change your existing one, do pay good attention to the tiles’ design. Here are some options that you can choose for your interior design.


Marble is a durable material and is preferred by many for upgrading the interior decor plan. Apart from the flooring, they can be used in the kitchen countertop, dining tabletops, wall designs, etc. They look exquisite and elevate the look. Here are some ideas that you can consider incorporating marble designs:

  • Countertops

Be it a kitchen countertop or bathroom countertop, marble is an excellent choice for both. There are different patterns and colors of marbles that you can choose from. Besides, as marble is heat-resistant, it is preferred for kitchens.

  • Furniture

You can also use marble furniture to create a statement look. Marble slabs are commonly used as tabletops. Being tough and durable, they make good options for dining tables.

  • Accent piece

If you are a lover of minimalist decor plans, consider using marbles as accent pieces. Marble is very versatile and can be easily molded. There are different decor items like idols, trays, marble lamps, and kitchen accessories that can be made from marble. Consider adding these to your space for a sophisticated look.

  • Shelves

Marble shelves create a soft setting and if you prefer a light-toned interior, consider using marble cut-outs as shelves. Especially, they can be used in your study for storing books. Also, you can use marble pieces to create a pantry for your kitchen.

  • Flooring

The most common use of marble is in flooring. It helps in adding texture to the space and acts as a focal point.


Ceramic tiles look fabulous and attractive. As they can be found in different sizes, shapes, and colors, beautiful and stylish modern designs can be created for your interiors. You can go for different combinations based on the theme of the decor. Besides, the texture can be easily modified using modern technologies.

Ceramic tiles need less maintenance. They can be cleaned easily and are very durable. They can resist temperature changes and friction and are versatile as well. Here are some ideas that you can consider for using ceramic tiles:

  • Flooring

These tiles are quite affordable and can be used for flooring. You can create unique designs using different geometric patterns and color combinations. They are ideal options for bathroom flooring and are available in different textures.

  • Walls

For wall designs, consider using ceramic tiles. You can create modern designs and make them the highlight of the room. Besides, they can also be used for kitchen backsplash. Ceramic tiles are often used to cover the exterior walls for a cooling effect.

  • Kitchen counters

Ceramic tiles can tolerate heat, and thus they are used in kitchens- for floating walls, kitchen islands, and countertops too. Besides, they can be cleaned easily and are durable.

  • Walkways

Ceramic tiles make a very good option for walkways and entryways. Be it the garden area or just your corridors; you can create refreshing designs to decorate the area.

Tile saw

Tile saws are ideally used to create exclusive designs using tiles as they can make perfect cuts and intricate shapes. They can cut the tiles with more precision, easily and faster. Thus, they are used for most interior design projects as they use electricity for cutting tiles and have a rotating diamond blade that cuts the tiles straight.


Modern Floor Tiles designs can create a very aesthetic appeal and wow-worthy spaces. Using different configurations, you can add more definition to your space and come up with incredible possibilities. So, tiles play a very important role in interior design and complement the overall decor beautifully.

It is always a better idea to seek some professional help when planning the interiors of your space, especially for tile designs. As interior designers have a better idea about materials, colors, textures, and patterns and remain up to date with the latest trends, they can help beautify your space and implement your ideas better.

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