Top Hacks to use Mirrors in Interior Design

“Mirror mirror on the wall..”.. Today, this statement rings true for most interior designers. Interior design experts have confessed their love for mirrors, and they incorporate them in home decor ideas. While almost all households have mirrors for their functionality aspect, they also make fantastic decorative pieces! Mirrors are versatile in terms of placement and usage. Interior designers in Hyderabad use several hacks to make the most of mirrors.

  • Placing Mirror on a Passageway or Entryway

    Wondering what to do with the narrow passageway walls of your apartment? Photo frames and artworks may feel too much for the space, while keeping it empty may just not feel right. The best way to light up the space instantly, is to place mirrors. A series of mirror installations or even a foyer mirror, for instance, is a great way to amp up your entry space. In fact, you can now take one final look at yourself before you head out for the day!

  • Position the Mirrors Strategically

    While it may not be significant, the positioning of mirrors have an influence on how your apartment feels. Hanging a mirror where there is hardly any direct source of light hitting, may not suit the purpose of it. The best practice is to figure a location that gets direct rays of the sun or atleast has plenty of natural light. The natural light bounces off the mirror and lights up the entire room. A small room can feel maximised when it is well lit! Besides, mirrors can also create the illusion of a bigger space. Also, the best Interiors in Hyderabad have mirrors hung at eye-level!

  • Choose the Frame and Texture Wisely

    Mirrors are fantastic elements to be used as ornamental pieces in interior home designing. Since ages, mirrors have been a part of decorative art in homes. Varied shapes, frames and textures bring about all the difference in mirror decor.

    Minimalistic designs call for plain and simple mirrors. Oftentimes, mirrors are plain and without any frames in minimalistic designs. On the other hand, vibrant and themed interior decoration may call for bold and designed mirror frames. Besides, incorporating an antique mirror can simply jazz up a bland corner.

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  • Use the Mirrors as a Gallery Wall

    You may have a portion of the wall adjacent to a couch in the living room, or even in the bedroom. Bring in a twist to your room styling by replacing photo frames or posters with several mirrors. Hang mirrors of different shapes and frames in such a way that they complement and align with each other. You can arrange them in a linear or alternative order, or even in geometric shapes, depending upon your liking.

  • Make it the Centre of Attention

    If you are someone who has the fascination for large-sized mirrors, this hack is for you! Many 2/3 BHK interiors in Hyderabad have a dedicated wall for a mirror to be the centre of attention. A large mirror with intricately detailed framing over the headboard of your bed, or parallel to the dinner table can exaggerate the vibe of the room. Place an oval or round mirror, preferably with silver or golden detailings, over your dresser to infuse a vintage feel to your space.

  • End-to-End Mirror

    Interior designers recommend implementing mirrors to exaggerate the physical space and light of a particular location in your house. Many homeowners choose to install mirrors from the ceilings to the ground to create an illusion of a higher ceiling. Get your wardrobe doors covered in mirrored glasses to enjoy a unique experience. In fact, the space beneath your kitchen cabinets can be mirrored to elevate the visual appeal of your counterspaces.

  • Ensure a Good Reflection

    Before you pick a spot to hang a mirror, you need to identify if the reflection would be worth it. If you find it’s an unappealing reflection, you may consider the current mirror placement. In fact, you can even make alterations to the area whose reflection can be seen. If your home has a garden, strategically position the mirror towards the exterior of your home to bring the natural elements inside.

  • Bring in an Abstract Mirror

    Looking for that one room decor idea that is the highlight of your abode? Modern and classy, abstract mirrors can draw all the eyeballs! Available in sizes and designs, abstract mirrors are the perfect way to represent your unique taste and selection in art.

No matter in which manner you integrate mirrors in your home’s design, they will always enhance the look of your home. Interior designers in Hyderabad suggest decorating your home in such a way that the functionality aspect of the mirrors remains intact.