Office Decor Ideas To Revamp Your Workspace in 2022

The importance of a well-designed office space cannot be understated ever since people resumed working from offices post-pandemic. With people accustomed to working from home, the period has changed the way workplace designs are perceived. Commercial interiors in Hyderabad have reflected the transformation that offices call for. Ensuring a productive and efficient workspace, while maintaining safety protocols, is the prime idea behind the contemporary workspace decor. Let’s take a look at some decor ideas to revamp your office space in 2022.

  1. Eye-catching Entrances
  2. Office entrances serve purposes that are beyond just being the plain reception area or the entryway. They are the first identifiers of a brand, or business and therefore, must grab eyeballs. The front desk, corridors, as well as the waiting area together make the first impression on clients, employees, prospective candidates and even visitors. Incorporating a design that aligns with the brand is essential. Top interior designers in Hyderabad claim that the entrance must reflect the brand values and personality.

  3. Impactful Waiting Area
  4. Besides having an eye-catching entrance lobby, an impactful waiting area is also a must. Waiting areas give people plenty of time to soak in the ambience of the company. Hence, these spaces are excellent opportunities to convey and communicate a brand persona and values. The typography, colour scheme, furniture, and accessories determine the overall appeal of the space. Comfortable seating, ambient lighting as well as decorative accessories such as showpieces, wall hangings as well as a bookshelf can be great additions.

  5. Play with Natural Light & Ventilation

  6. Office designs have a direct impact on the productivity of employees. Natural light and ventilated spaces in office interior designs have been seen to have a direct connection with the boost of productivity among the employees. However, several workplaces have little scope to allow the daylight to pass through. To allow natural light indoors, commercial interiors in Hyderabad often make the use of glass panels – or large windows can be installed instead of concrete walls or wooden separators.

  7. Use Vibrant Colours
  8. Employees spend a considerable part of their day in offices and so, the interiors determine their state of mind to an extent. Although it may seem to be of less importance, colours stimulate the mood as well as the efficiency of employees. Dull and boring colour schemes can significantly lead to monotony or loss of concentration. Whereas, several studies have shown that better productivity is linked to the use of vibrant colours. Bright colours and elements reflect a fun, young and energetic brand – while more neutral and monochromatic themes suit well with brands who have a similar personality. Either way, the right use of colours can shift the productivity graph, while monotonous hues can affect adversely.

  9. Hang Artworks
  10. Looking at blank and uninteresting walls can come in the way of creative brainstorming sessions. Decking the wall with creative pieces like artworks and photographs will not only increase the aesthetics of the space but also will make the people around, happier and more productive. Hanging framed artworks elevates the beauty of the walls – besides serving as a visually pleasing sight to behold. Fine art, such as landscapes, are mostly preferred for workspaces. Interior designers in Hyderabad also suggest abstract artworks and photographs to stimulate the thought process of the employees.

  11. Introduce Relaxing Break Area
  12. Break areas in modern workplaces are equally important as the rest of the office area. The concept of having a few tables and chairs in the break area isn’t enough. Offices today are committed towards investing in the creation of an ambience which attracts and retains the brightest talents. Contemporary companies are about incorporating a lounge area, with recreational and interactive elements. An open patio-space with green elements and an area with plush, oversized furniture and sofas can offer employees a much required break from their work.

  13. Create a Collaborative Space
  14. The work culture has shifted from cubicles and strict working norms to flexible timings and methods. Today, companies encourage employees to participate and work collaboratively in a fluid environment. An openly designed space not only lets ideas flow but also reduces the visual block. Such spaces are best equipped with vibrant themes and accessories such as whiteboards, screens and casual and cosy seating. This sort of a work culture encourages team bonding, as well as have been found to be more adaptive to new challenges.

Today, commercial interiors in Hyderabad influence employees to more than complete their daily shifts. More and more organisations are taking into consideration the ergonomics of a workspace to boost not only employee productivity but to communicate their brand message and culture.