How To Pick The Right Indoor Planter For Your Home?

Indoor plants are an essential part of interior decor in most homes in the city. Refreshing and vibrant, plants add to the much needed green element that homeowners in the city yearn for. Indoor plants not only improve the air quality of your home, but also reduce stress and induce calmness. While you may not have any issue choosing a plant pot for the outdoors, what about the indoors? To seamlessly incorporate planters in your home, you need to choose them right. Interior designers in Hyderabad suggest certain hacks to save you from having an interior decor blunder. Have a look!

Find The Right Spot To Place Your Plant

First and foremost, before you invest in a planter, consider the right spot to place it. It is ideal to picture the corners of your house with plants before you decide to bring in any. Different spots will demand different types of green life and therefore, the pot changes too. Also, the positioning influences the material of the planter.

The planter you choose to place between the sofa and the wall of the room must be different from the one you place on the dining table or the kitchen countertop. Also, if you have ample space, you may choose to arrange your plants on the ground level. Best Interiors in Hyderabad make optimal use of space, by suspending hanging pots if there isn’t enough space. This way you have the best combination of planters to grace your home aesthetics.

Consider The Size Of The Plant You Are Putting

House plants are available in several different sizes, and hence you have plenty of options to choose from. Instead of increasing the number of layered pots, you simply just need to make a better purchase. Assess the size of the plant(s) you have, or are looking forward to bringing in.

If you have a planter, choose an upgrade of 2 to 3 inches more in diameter. Or, if it’s the first time potting a plant, choose a planter that is at least an inch wider than the root mass of your plant. This way, your plant-to-pot ratio is unaffected and you have thriving green plant members.

Check the Drainage Factor of the Planter

Indoor plants receive less sunlight, and hence there is less moisture loss from the soil. So, a good drainage system is necessary for the plants to lose the excess moisture. Without losing the excess moisture, the roots will stay submerged, ultimately dying with time. Also, not all indoor plants need the same amount of drainage.

For instance, snake plants and spider plants grow fine without any extensive need for drainage. For such plants, you can choose fancy planters to make a part of your home decor. Some owners of 2/3 BHK Interiors in Hyderabad incorporate double potting method, where a plant is potted in a smaller pot with drainage system within a fancier or decor appropriate planter.

Consider Plant Type

Plants, whether they are indoor or outdoor, have different rates of growth. While most indoor plants grow slowly, you may have a few that have a faster growth rate. Wondering why this matters? It’s because you may need to change the planter quite frequently if you place a plant with a high growth rate, in a smaller pot. Plants like jade and bamboo grow quickly and may demand repeated planter changes.

Hence, bring in bigger sized planters to allow these plants to grow to their full potential. Besides, you will not have to worry about the changes in the overall appearance of your interiors.

Choose Your Style

Perhaps the most important factor to consider while picking an indoor planter is to determine the style of your interior design. Every corner of your house speaks volumes about your taste. A mismatched plant pot can leave a wrong impression on the complete house aesthetic. So, before you buy a planter that you have spotted online, you must choose your style.

You can pick from several shapes and sizes of colourful plastic planters or clay or terracotta ones to include a sense of earthiness in your home. Ceramic pots can also elevate the lavishness of the interiors of your home. Incorporating brass planters which are not only elegant but also minimalistic are also an excellent choice. You can choose from various shapes, textures and sizes of all such planters.

Choosing a planter, therefore, is essentially all about adding to your home decor and bringing in green life, more than anything. Interior designers in Hyderabad can compose the corners of your home with the right combination of different sized planters or even a single standalone one. But above all, you must express your taste through the planters as any other decorative element in your home.