How To Pick The Right Colour For Your Bedroom?

Colours, accessories and furniture play individual roles in bringing together the getup of any room. That is particularly true for bedrooms since they are linked with relaxation, rejuvenation and rest. A soothing bedroom space is essential to complete the feeling of home. So, opting for the right colour for your bedroom(s) is crucial. But do you just choose any colour? Or are there any hard and fast rules? Well, experts in home decor in Hyderabad believe every bedroom has different parameters to choose the right colour.

Here are 6 questions you should ask yourself before choosing the right colour for your bedroom.

How Much Natural Light Does The Room Get?

The easiest way to decide on the wall colours of any space depends on the amount of natural light it receives. The more the natural light, the brighter the room appears. Now, a brightly lit room gives you the scope to bring in a darker colour and highlight one or two of the walls. That’s not all– also consider the direction of the source of light. 

If you want a vibrant and livelier room, avoid choosing darker shades for the wall that faces the light source. Instead select light neutral tones so that the light bounces off the wall and illuminates the space. Especially for 2BHK interiors in Hyderabad, you have the option of choosing variations in the colour scheme to experiment and see what works best. 

What Is The Room Size?

Before choosing colours, understand the size of your room. Do you feel it’s spacious enough? If yes, you get to play with light and dark colour combinations. With bigger rooms you have the space to experiment with darker shades like magenta, yale blue, green, grey and even black. 

Choosing the darker shade of the lighter wall colours is also an idea that many people incorporate in their interior decor. Also, textures or combinations between the colours are a great idea to not stick to the rule of assessing the room size. Many smaller rooms, when designed and executed the right way, can also incorporate dark shades.  

What Do You Want To Feel?

While shuffling through the shade cards, identify the colour(s) that you resonate with. Then, narrow down certain shades that give you the feeling of calmness and relaxation. After all, what matters while you choose the bedroom colours are the ones that fulfil the purpose of refreshing your mood and inducing a feeling of comfort. 

Neutral and pastel colours are ideal for home decor in Hyderabad due to their softness. Pastel pinks, peaches and blues also offer a great clean backdrop for the furniture, curtains, upholstery and decor to stand out and retain their uniqueness. Ascertain if you want a warm and cosy feel or cool and breezy feel while you’re in the room. It will help you ascertain between warm and cool tones. 

Do You Know The Right Undertones?

Selecting the right undertones make all the difference to the overall look and appeal of your bedroom. For instance, you may choose a neutral shade which does not go with the rest of the elements of your bedroom. Avoid this mistake by understanding the undertones of your bedding, furniture and decor.

So, what are undertones? A shade has several colours blended together. The dominant colour is called the overtone, while the colours that are not apparent and visible are called undertones. An interior designing expert can help you with choosing the right undertones that complements your furniture. 

What Colour Are Your Furniture?

Furniture and the colour of the room should complement each other instead of clashing or blending. If you have existing furniture or decide on bringing in new ones, choose the shades and tones of the room walls accordingly. Most Indian homes have wooden or wooden-finish furniture which have an unique essence on their own. 

From light blonde to natural and dark wood tones, these neutral shades demand the presence of different shades of wall colour. Remember to add contrast using either of these elements in the 2BHK interiors in Hyderabad. 

How Does The Other Room Interiors Look?

Many homeowners often end up having very different colour combinations when they pick colours for one room at a time. While it is not necessarily against the rules of choosing the wall colour, it may sometimes look disconnected. 

If you are someone who wants to follow a common colour scheme/ palette throughout your home interiors, it’s best to select colours from the decided group itself. Many home decor in Hyderabad incorporate shades of white, muted colours and pastels to highlight the traditional wooden furniture. 

Final Word

Now that you are a step closer to choosing your bedroom wall colour, it is always a good idea to take expert ideas and guidance to understand what may work the best for your bedroom. This way you can avoid any chances of messing up and having to get the paint redone.