How To Revamp Your Restaurant’s Interior Design On a Budget

Restaurants need the ultimate balance of good food and ambience to attract customers. However, many restaurant owners believe that revamping the decor can leave a hole in the pocket. As a result, many owners end up stepping back from investing in eye-catching decor– ultimately losing potential customers. Here’s the good news— today several interior designing firms offer spectacular commercial interiors in Hyderabad, all within your budget! If you are planning to revamp your restaurant’s look, here are some interior design ideas for your upcoming project. 

Amp Up the Entryway to Make the First Impression

Making the first impression in the hospitality-cum-commercial industry is important. A stunning entrance not only sets the bar high for your restaurant but also grabs the eyeballs of potential diners.

Innovative signage, unique door decor, external installations are certain ways you can make sure that stand out from the surrounding competition. For most commercial interiors in Hyderabad, an attractive reception area/host station sets the stage for an exceptional experience! 

Choose a Theme That Flows Throughout the Space

Have several references or ideas for renovating your restaurant? Great! Here’s the challenging part. Out of them– you’ll ultimately have to choose one. May sound unfair, however, fusing more than one theme may leave the restaurant aesthetics all over the place. 

Want more of a minimalistic touch? Try incorporating lighter primary colours, elegant lines and simple furniture and tableware. A more regal theme would focus on extravagant furniture, wallpapers and decor. Most importantly, the restaurant theme also depends on the cuisine(s) your eatery serves. 

Curate Statement Wall(s)

Plain painted walls are boring in today’s time and age.  Be the talk of the town and highlight your restaurant by offering a unique feature to treat eyes to! Choose a wall and enhance it with photo frames, artworks, posters or even an elaborate decorative wallpaper. Big bold neon signages or marquee go well with modern minimalist interior decor. 

Striking murals, doodles or illustrations also enhance the aesthetics of a restaurant by manifolds. Involving local artists to breathe life to the property is a fantastic idea! This way, you not only support them but also transform your space to hold art exhibits.  

Have a Bar? Raise It !

If your restaurant has a bar area, there’s so much you can do to make customers come in. Besides enjoying their time relaxing, many may even wait for their tables at the bar. Hence, you want to make an impression that stays.

Focus on keeping the colours neutral and not too bright. Choose inexpensive and easily available decorative elements like empty glass bottles, snazzy signage or plant life to add pop to the bar area. Leave it to the lighting to elevate the ultimate feel! Add comfortable high chairs while considering the overall colour palette of the space. 

Use More Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to add dimension and charm to the interiors of your restaurant. In fact, several commercial interiors in Hyderabad incorporate large mirror walls to create the illusion of a bigger space. 

There are many ways to include mirrors in your restaurant interiors. Does the space have a vintage feel? Go for mirrors with elaborate frames (one or multiple, depending on the space availability). Adding mirror tiles on the ceiling is a great idea to dazzle up the space. Or, dedicate a top-down mirrored wall to get that modern feel— your choice! Talk to experts in interior design on what works best for your space. 

Choose the Lighting Setup Wisely

You can do everything right and still the space may not look the way you want– until you add the right lighting of course! Without the right lighting, the space will continue to be flat and boring. Even the simplest of dining locations can be transformed into captivating spaces by implementing the appropriate lighting. 

Considering the theme of your restaurant, choose the ambient and accent lighting. Dim lights contribute to a laid back ambience for diners while brighter lights are ideal for a more fast paced dining experience. For restaurants that follow an industrial chic or rustic theme, the apt balance of accent/decorative lighting is essential to channel the right feels.

Indoor Plants for Decor

The easiest (and cheapest) way to add life to your restaurant is to bring in the greens for decor. Plants boost the visual appeal of any space, while adding freshness to the ambience. Bring in plants with varied foliage to induce variety in the decor. 

Now that you know that revamping your restaurant does not always have to be expensive, it’s time to get moving! However, since not all hacks for every space, it’s best if you talk to the best interior designers in Hyderabad, to get the best assurance and value for money!