How To Pick The Right Dining Table For Your New Home

Dining tables have been a part of most home decor in Hyderabad for ages. With homeowners now focusing on both the aesthetic as well as functional aspects of furniture, there is more than one factor to keep in mind when choosing a dining table for your new abode. From considering the space of the room to ensuring enough room to fit the chairs, choosing the right dining room furniture.

Below are some ways to choose the perfect dining table for your home.

  1. Measure the Room
  2. The first step to bringing in a suitable dining table is to have a clear idea of how big the dining space is. Space is essential to allow diners (family and guests) to be comfortable to sit and get up from the table. So, which measurements are essential?

    Table-to-wall measurement, i.e. the space between the table and wall — is essential to position the table and chairs, without making them touch each other. Particularly for 2BHK Interiors in Hyderabad, leaving a minimum of 100-120 centimeters of a gap between the edge of the table and wall(s) is ideal. In case there are other pieces of decor in the room, the table-to-furniture measurement should be taken into count.

    How to measure if you don’t have a table yet? Take a long piece of cloth (bedsheets can work) to visualise the space that will be occupied by the table.

  3. Style of the Space
  4. The style of the dining space has an influence on the furniture you bring in. The build and design of the table have to be in sync with the style of the room it’s put in. For instance, rustic styles demand natural and wooden ones while a more minimalistic room can experiment with industrial design-inspired tables.

    Besides the table-top, frame, and support, the style of the chairs too should be considered. The build and design of the chairs or seaters must enhance the interiors of the dining room too. The shape, texture, and colours also depend on the kind of ambience you want to create. Remember that the table should contribute to the overall aesthetics than drawing away from the decor.

    Home decors in Hyderabad today opt for wall-mounted dining tables -– which is an excellent option if space is an issue. A foldable dining table with storage ensures that one has space for tableware and it can be stowed away after mealtime.

  5. The shape of the Room
  6. Often overlooked by homeowners is the shape of the room in which the tables are placed. Depending on the shape and size of the room, most designers choose tables accordingly. Here’s how it works.

    Round tables are ideal for small dining spaces because of not having edges. Not only can more people fit around round circular tables, but they are also pleasing visually. Transparent or minimalist 4 chairs complement such tables – making the room feel spacious and less cluttered.

    A rectangle-shaped table works well in a room that is long and narrow. Such a table shape leaves plenty of space to allow movement while allowing more seating space than usual.

  7. The kind of Support
  8. With more homeowners focusing on the kind of visual appeal of interior decor, the type of support beneath the tabletop matters too! The base of the table not only holds the installation above firm but also sometimes plays an important role in interior design.

    Moreover, an improper base can interfere with the comfort of your family members and visitors. Hence, decide on the type of support depending on the number of people you want to fit around it with ease. Generally, 4 leg bases, pedestals, and crossed-legged supports are the most common kinds available.

  9. Choosing the Material
  10. When it comes to the material of the tables, factors like budget, maintenance, and style need to be considered. The best way to choose a suitable material for your dining furniture is to pair it with the style of the interiors.

    Other aspects to consider while shopping for home decor in Hyderabad are the maintenance and durability of the material. Some of the most common materials are solid wood, veneer (wood-look), stone, and glass. Wood and stone are some of the most durable materials — with pine, teak, and acacia being among the cheaper options to choose from. Glass and stone table tops exude class and sophistication.

While looking for dining table ideas for your home, make sure you consider the above-mentioned tips to bring home the ultimate furniture for your space. Be it the room colour, ambience, and flooring, the best interior decor, including the dining space for 2BHK Interiors in Hyderabad, can be best decided by expert interior designers.