Importance of Colors in Kitchen Interior Design As Per Vastu

It is believed that the kitchen is one of the most important parts of a house, as outlined in Vastu. Kitchens are the heart and soul of every house. It provides energy for the entire home. When it comes to designing a kitchen, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. One of the most important is colour, not just in terms of what colour you choose for your walls and cabinets, but also how that colour impacts your overall vibe. Interior designers in Hyderabad who specialises in kitchen interior design would agree with this.

In vaastu, colours serve two purposes. One is to infuse life with good vibes, and the other is to make the kitchen look elegant and luxurious. Vastu-compliant colours will help you create an environment that feels warm and welcoming while maintaining a sense of balance. The best part? Vastu-compliant colours are easy on the eyes while making you feel like you’re bringing some much-needed energy into your home! In order to appropriately direct this energy, keep in mind to choose natural colours rather than synthetic ones.

Popular Colours For Kitchen According To Vastu Shastra


Saffron is a popular and Vastu-compliant colour that is considered to bring prosperity and success in life. It also helps in maintaining good health and adds longevity to one’s life. Saffron has a strong connection with the fire element, which means it will enhance the energy of the kitchen by making it warm and welcoming to everyone. Interior designers in Hyderabad often recommend using saffron for kitchen interior design.


Choosing the right tone for your kitchen interior as per Vastu can be difficult. However, white can never go wrong. White is associated with purity, cleanliness, and light-heartedness. It has cleansing properties that help in making things around you look fresh and clean. White also symbolises goodness and purity, which makes it a good colour to use in your kitchen.


Green is such an important colour in Vastu that it has its own name: ‘sarpa-sarpa’ or “the colour of money.” Green also symbolises fertility and growth, so it’s no wonder why so many people choose green when decorating their kitchens.


Yellow is a colour that is associated with happiness, energy, and enthusiasm. It also has a calming effect on the mind. Yellow can be a great way to brighten up your kitchen interior! It’s warm and friendly, which makes it perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere in your kitchen.


A happy family’s kitchen is filled with pink to symbolize love. Vastu Shastra strongly recommends pink for your kitchen. Paint your kitchen in the colour of love if you want to strengthen family ties.


Brown is an excellent vastu-compliant that not only brings warmth but also spreads happy vibes throughout the kitchen. Combined with a sleek, contemporary kitchen design, earthy brown tones work well in southeast kitchens. Brighten up your kitchen interior with shades of brown for happy cooking.

How To Choose The Right Colour For Your Kitchen Interior?

These tips will guide you if you believe in the Vastu sciences but are unsure how to paint your kitchen walls.

Kitchen Colours For Different Directions According to Vastu Science


  • Best colours: Green, Beige, Orange
  • Colours to avoid: Yellow, Gold, Grey, White, Silver


  • Best colours: White, Silver, Grey, Gold
  • Colours to avoid: Green, Red, Orange

North (According to Vastu, this is not a good direction for kitchen)

  • Best colours: Blue, Green, Grey
  • Colours to avoid: Red, Orange, Yellow, green

South (Best direction for kitchen according to Vastu)

  • Best colours: Orange, Red, Beige, Yellow, Green, Silver
  • Colours to avoid: Blue, Black, Grey, Silver

Why Choosing Vastu-Compliant Colours Is Important For Your Kitchen?

The colour of a room can have a significant impact on the health of an individual’s mind and body. You should avoid using dark or bright colours on all the walls of your house to prevent your home’s energy field from being disrupted. Colour imbalances can also negatively impact an individual’s mood.

According to Vastu shastra, the kitchen is a home’s Agni (fire) zone. So, kitchens should avoid darker colours like black, blue, purple, and dark grey that may destroy their positive energy. A black kitchen wall is thought to be sad and can result in the loss of money. Dark greys can make you feel melancholy, while dark blues are thought to make a kitchen unstable.

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