How Restaurant Interior Design Can Impact Your Business

If you’re opening a new restaurant, owning an established one, or just planning a restaurant, tapping into customers’ mood is crucial to your success. In this world of social media buffs, good food is not the decision-making factor anymore. It’s the aesthetics too that matters. According to top interior designers in Hyderabad, restaurants, bars and cafes compete with each other not only on location, prices, and promotions but also on the vibe they have got to offer.

Majority of the restaurant business owners are unaware of the impact restaurant interior design has on customer psychology – that prompts them to order more or less, and even the length of their stay at the restaurant. There is more to interior decor than seating options, lighting, music, and architecture. An interior design of a restaurant also includes other elements. 

There is hardly any difference between the dining experiences offered by the different food joints nowadays. However, with a little help from commercial interior designers in Hyderabad, you can make your business stand out in today’s competitive world. Read more to find out how interior design can impact your restaurant business. 

Elements of Restaurant Interior Design And Their Impact On Customers

Color Palettes

In the restaurant industry, choosing the right colour is crucial. Colours have a prominent effect on us. Our brain responds to different colours with different emotions and reactions. While some colours actually make us want to eat more, others reduce our appetite. Many restaurants try to use red in their interiors because warm colours like red and orange are thought to increase your appetite. At the same time, it is a vibrant colour, so don’t go overboard with it. Blue, on the other hand, has a calming effect on the customers which makes them order less. You should also consider the type of food you will be serving while choosing your colour schemes. For instance, the majority of fast food chains use red and yellow while restaurants serving vegetarian and vegan food try to tweak around with shades of green.


In restaurants, style and comfort go hand in hand. Commercial interior designers in Hyderabad will vouch for this fact. Your furnishing is what customers encounter as soon as they enter, and comfort is all about manipulating them to stay longer than they initially intended. The longer a customer stays, the higher the bill goes. The concept is to keep the dining area simple while incorporating elegant design and fabrication elements. Classic high-end fabrics, leather, and non-woven or industrial textiles make up to be a great choice for restaurants.  However, the design elements vary depending on the type of restaurant – casual, fine, fast, or a combination of two or more variants.

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Seating Style

Seating arrangements range from a couple of opulent chairs per table to sofas and partitioned booths. High-end and formal restaurants catering to exclusive clients, particularly the big shots & business folks, have a dispersed layout with exclusive, leather chairs with branded accents. In contrast, casual dining focuses on both quantity as well as quality. Family restaurants, on the other hand, are usually crowded. 


Your customers can be greatly affected by the lighting you choose. Incorporating natural light is always the safest option. Nonetheless, if you wish to make your restaurant seem more unique, you need to incorporate different light fixtures and colours. 

Business professionals and couple-friendly restaurants have different lighting styles than those serving families. While the former requires intelligent, subdued, low lighting, the latter demands bright lights. 


Think of a Chinese-themed restaurant serving Italian food. It is just going to be weird and catastrophic. Your restaurant interior decor should reflect the cuisine you are serving. To achieve the goals you have for your restaurant, and the experience you want your customers to have in your restaurant, consider the theme of the interior design you want to create. 

In A Nutshell

Depending on the type of diner/bistro, most of the interior design of restaurants is different. Dining hubs which are signature-branded require elements that instantly make a statement. In contrast, casual restaurants emphasise class and comfort without overdoing it. 

It takes a great deal of science, art, and interior design knowledge to create the perfect restaurant interior design. Without a thorough understanding of how various design elements affect customers, you cannot simply create the most conducive dining environment. As a result, it is crucial to hire commercial interior designers in Hyderabad to do the job. 

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