2021’s Vivifying Interior Design Trends to Reinvent & Refresh Your Homes–Experts Share What’s New In This Year!

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Mar 3, 2021


The year 2020 was full of surprises and lessons. The pandemic has begun and eventually a series of months of lockdown started and subsequent WFH-Work From Home trend is going on in almost all industries, utterly 2020 has been a bummer for all of us.

If we look back, it is a year that taught us that no matter what, we will always rise. We’ll reinvent our new ways of life and our style, we will slowly move along and at the same time, we will find the lost touch. The pandemic has also taught us an explicable-truth that our homes matter the most than anything for the foreseeable future.

As people spending more time at homes, interior design has become an inevitable trend where people desire their homes to reflect their personality, style, and character. Moreover, the need for flexible yet innovative interiors became apparent.

This whole scenario has led to a radical shift in the way interior designers fulfill and execute their work.

Here the expert and top interior designers in Hyderabad talk about new interior design trends coming up in 2021! Let’s see which interior trends are going to make a mark in people’s homes.

Multi-purpose furniture

Real estate prices are soaring, home sizes are shrinking, but incomes of people have remained mostly stagnant. This grim reality makes it obvious that multi-purpose furniture is just not a trend but a necessity. This is true especially in the cities, while people want a fine balance between aesthetics and utility in their Residential interior designers in Hyderabad.

For instance, a sofa cum-bed in a small apartment makes sense if you have more than two members in your family or even if you have guests coming over.


  • Aqua is the colour of 2021 and its contemporary blue would always be the new trick for curating elegant spaces. Blue offers versatility and sophistication that provides the perfect ambiance for any interior space.

The contrasting effect that this colour can bring out through soft furnishings or furniture pieces can completely transform spaces and give a dramatic new look. Additionally, this colour fits everywhere.

  • Grey is the new fashionable hue associated with minimalism.
  • Decorating with golds and metallics is super trendy. It is nice to add a we of elegant gilded age splendor to your home without going overboard.

Feature elements

Headboards and headboard walls

Playing around with headboards and also headboard walls could enhance the overall bedroom aesthetics. Synching various patterns on the headboard along with the background with a tweak is a trendy and stylish way to get a cozier yet snug vibe to the entire bedroom.

Statement pieces

Today, clear spaces have become décor enthusiasts’ favourites. The invigorating idea of amalgamating luxury with minimalism could be achieved through statement décor accessories as they become the focal point of the living spaces and making a house distinctively a home.

Home offices—work from home-friendly homes

With an uptick in remote working nowadays, home offices and studies have become an integral part of today’s interior design schemes. Now, it has become a necessity for formal working areas to existing with your other living areas. Sophisticated spaces that kindle with more natural light are being created to give residents a proactive working environment from their homes.

These trends are transient in nature and they also serve as a basis for architects and luxury home interior designers in Hyderabad to build their ideas upon. There is no fixed template to guide the home interior design but a mix and match of some classic yet personalized design elements could be a perfect fit for one’s unique desired aesthetics.

Health-conscious design

The outbreak has changed the way we live, there has been an increased demand for a health-conscious design where residential interior designers have included safe and easy-to-maintain surfaces, décor accessories, proper arrangements for ventilation, lighting, and air filtration services. To serve it up all interior designers are also using germ-resistant and antimicrobial materials wherever possible.

Go Ethnic

While people are trying to emulate the west style, most people would like to have vivid designs, prints, motifs, patterns, and furniture to go hand-in-hand with the overall look and feel of a room. Many interior designers are using local themes to give spaces a traditional look.

Indoor House Plants

The pandemic and WFH have made people change their varied perceptions about plants, while greenery in the balcony has been taken for granted, now millennial wants to incorporate plants in the home décor. Easy-to-maintain indoor house plants that refresh the air and create natural and healthy vibes are what people are looking for.

Demand for additional kitchen storage, smart bathrooms, fashionable tiles, minimalist and sustainable designs are a few other trends to follow which can give a luxurious, warm, and welcoming look to your home.

Nifty Interio is the renowned residential and commercial interior designers in Hyderabad who always keep updated with the current design trends and we help people by giving the right ideas that complement one’s home.

Bottom line-

The new year brings in renewed hope and merriment and Nifty looks forward to the year 2021 as the knight in shining armour, aspiring to diminish the pandemic and ‘to bring prosperity on cards. In this new year, let’s celebrate the resurgence of new interior design trends as they come. With the help of our 2021 trend edit try to bring a curated look to your spaces with sensational style.

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