7 Tips to Maximize Small Office Space Using Interior Design Ideas

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May 10, 2023

Starting a new office comes with a chunk of challenging responsibilities, one of the most daunting being functional design and decor of its interiors. Unless you are one of the lucky few with massive financiers backing your venture, it’s likely that you’ve got a small square footage to work with as an office space. But there is no reason to feel stuck, because you can still live big!

Consider these tips to know how –

1. Let Light In

Natural light in the workplace is desirable for a number of reasons. For one, an inflow of sunlight will effectively suppress melatonin levels, keeping people from nodding off between sedentary work hours. In addition, natural light sources take the load off small floor spaces, allowing more room to breathe.

Cover your large sliding glass windows with venetian blinds, tinted covers, or geometric patterned curtains, creating accents within a monochromatic office space. In addition, window covers effectively filter out the harsh sun, spreading a dreamy light and shade aura within the office space.

In lack of natural light sources, you may also utilize hung illumination in their diverse variants – pendant, recessed, and cove lights.


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2. Have Informal Lounging Spots

In the era of remote engagements, professionals expect a change of mindset when taking up jobs demanding physical attendance. There has to be something more than deskbound activities like sending emails or filling out forms when going to the office. Transform corner spaces or gaps between long desks into informal lounging spots where employees can recharge their batteries and get creative.

3. Keep Workstations Tidy

Don’t underestimate the power of clean desks for elevating the morale of your employees! Organized desks with upward spaces for compartmentalized storage, sectional rows and columns for keeping supply materials within reach, and under-desk nifty utility recesses for depositing sundry items can make lives in a compact workplace easier and help increase efficiency.

4. Try an Open-plan Office Interior

Open layout office spaces, typically a favourite of startups and medium ventures, is gradually coming into vogue for all types of businesses. Along with incredible cost-efficiency, open plan offices can also be designed way different from old, blocky cubicles.

Make the most of the flexible layout that open plan offices allow. By breaking down walls and grouping employee workstations together, team members will be made more accessible to each other. Expect a stronger spirit of collaboration and communication within the team as an open plan office interior is likely to make chance encounters between employees a regular occurrence, creating more room for collaborative creative efforts.

5. Raise a Few Glass Partitions

Glass partitions demarcating functional areas in offices make for a viable alternative to open plan layouts. Transparent partitions maximise natural light by letting it flood through the entire space. Glass room dividers also happen to trick the eye by letting you see far beyond where you are positioned, intensifying the illusion of a larger space.

The immediate concern that comes up when choosing glass partitions for office interior design is that of privacy. Use frosted or blurred glass partitioning in the spaces to secure spatial confidentiality in the office while achieving similar effects as clear glass.

6. Install Wall Mounts

Economizing floor area in small offices is practicable with all-attached shelves, filing cabinets, and even desks. Wall mounts are space savers with multi-functional uses, superior convenience, and an inherent stylishness.

Whether you are going for the doubly space-saving foldable wall-mount tables or mounted desks with floating storage cabinets, it is worth a try. Lightweight, water resistant, and mostly affordable, wall mount office furniture is the next in-thing in commercial interior design trends.

7. Place Some Greenery

Bringing a splash of greenery in the office is not only about giving the space an aesthetic upgrade but also mental benefits for employees. Break the monotony of a compact and stuffy office space by placing green foliage of jade, ficus, bamboo palm and more at every other turn and corner of the area.


A less common but equally aesthetically pleasing option is to place climbers along a wide wall across which the work desks are lined up. Choose english lilies or something similar to green up your office walls. And, in case you are worried about maintenance and regular watering, there are plenty of resilient indoor plant types to choose from that won’t dry up if hydration is on the lesser side.


Make the workplace experience a win-win situation for everybody by hiring interior designers in Hyderabad for office and execute all the above recommendations seamlessly!


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