Bedroom Interior Mistakes Noticed By Interior Designers

Bedroom Interior Mistakes Noticed by Designers" />
Oct 28, 2019

Why we all like the luxurious bedroom in hotels? Simple, because everything out there is so well organized and placed properly that we can’t find a better place in terms of comfortability. Hiring interior designers can be a better decision if you want to transform your bedroom into a fancy hotel room. Let us find out what are the mistakes noticed by the residential interior designers in Hyderabad while designing your bedroom.


Shy away from being matchy-matchy!! While designing and decorating the house, we get obsessed with matching the things having the same hue and pattern that leads to a dull and cheap-looking room. Instead, interior designers in Hyderabad experiment thoughtfully. They don’t believe in a totally matchy-matchy idea but also go with some other tricks to make the space look more inviting.


There are a few decorating mistakes interior designers notice when walking into clients’ bedrooms. From ignoring clutter to setting improper lighting, these small mistakes can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your bedroom. We are one of the best interior designers in Hyderabad and would like to share some common mistakes that need to be avoided in order to get well organized and a space that suits your lifestyle. Are you guilty of these designing mistakes?

Forgetting about Artwork

You go to sleep and wake up in your bedroom every day, so why not design it with some wonderful artwork for walls! To make your bedroom more inspiring and full of positivity, interior designers in Hyderabad make use of artworks that gives your strength and make you focussed on your work.

Disregarding Mood Light

There’s no rule that says chandeliers are made for dining rooms only. For any part of the house, lighting is essential and it affects our mood to a great extent. Best interior designers in Hyderabad prefer installing the indirect and task lighting in the bedroom because it keeps that glare of light away from the eyes and help in inducing sleep.

Not Considering Scale

Most of the people think that hiring interior designers in Hyderabad is a waste of money. According to them, they themselves can design and decorate their home very well. But actually that’s not right. Properly scaled furniture is tricky for normal people but not for the home interior designers in Hyderabad. Their trained eyes know very well that what should be the measurement of the furniture and where to place them to get the best look.

Ignoring Clutter

A bedroom is a space that should be relaxing and breathable. Home interior designers in Hyderabad prefer to eliminate unnecessary items from that space making sure it is enough spacious. They install furniture with adequate storage that minimizes the clutter.

Decorating with Bright Colors

Calm, natural colors keep the space serene and timeless. A bedroom should have warm and neutral lighting that works beautifully, also a variation in textures helps the space feel more inviting. If you want to give some trendy look to your bedroom then hire top interior designers in Hyderabad that can make your bedroom exactly like a luxurious hotel room.


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Overlooking the Headboard

The headboard covers such an important portion and should be treated as such. Do not place unnecessary things in the bedroom, keep it simple and minimalistic. But the items that are placed in the bedroom needs to be of outstanding quality and heart winning. Choose home interior designers in Hyderabad that will get customized headboard for your bedroom that matched your lifestyle.

Neglecting Bedding and Pillows

Another mistake that interior designers notice is neglected bedding. Never compromise with the quality of bed sheets and blankets. Nice linens are worth the investment and improve not only the décor but also sleep.

Not Considering Storage

It is very important to make space for storing things else room will look messy and piled up with unnecessary items. Interior designers in Hyderabad can make your room well equipped with things and necessary item that will help you keep it clean and organized without putting much effort.


These were some of the common mistakes that residential interior designers in Hyderabad mostly find while having a tour to the client’s home. So, if you are searching for some affordable interior designers in Hyderabad, Nifty Interio can be one of the best options to go with.


Are you also fed up with the clutter in your bedroom? Does it also looks clumsy and messy? If so, then you must be definitely knowing what should be your next step. It is select top interior designers in Hyderabad that may fulfill all your terms and conditions. The biggest condition is the budget. Many of us fail to arrange interior designers for our home just because they charge a high amount. No doubt interior designing requires expenditure on a large scale. But there are some interior designers in Hyderabad that charge reasonable prices and also affordable for you.


Nifty Interio is known for its amazing interior design services. It has a wonderful team that enough experienced and capable of designing all types of spaces as per the requirement of the clients. The uniqueness of Nifty Interio is that it never overstuff the place rather keep it minimalistic that reflects your lifestyle.


Investing in your home interiors is definitely a good decision. In the whole world, we can’t feel as relaxed as we feel in our home. So why not hire interior designers in Hyderabad that can transform our normal space into the one which we dreamt for.