Designing Presentation & Finalization

Finalizing Interior Designs

The diverse themes and schemes that can transform the site as per the needs, requirements, and vision of the clients, documented and derived from the minutes of the introductory meetings with them.

At last, the finalized idea is transformed into graphics form for visualization by interior designers, clients and subsequently appointed contractors responsible for the implementation of the project. The Next step would be creating exact measurements for the production of the project. Choose interior designers for office, living room and other types of spaces.

Nifty’s Expertise

The team is good at producing the result in time so that the next step can also be started at the needed hour. We choose the best interior design materials and most advanced interior designs that match very well and suits the space we are designing. Because of our better management skills, we have become famous interior designers in Hyderabad.

Therefore, hire us to get the best interior design services. Design boards are the foundation of our design presentation.  Nothing can be better than simple cork boards with pins and paper.  By using these materials items, we can easily make changes in the designs.  We print out each piece of furniture, lighting, flooring, rug and design feature, that has been selected by us and tack it on the board.  Also, the design boards are helpful in putting all the information at one platform for overall absorption.

Other options for design board that we use is to create a digital design board (in Photoshop or Pages for example) with all of the designs finalized by the clients, so you can print it out on a single page.

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