Quotation & Budgeting

Nifty believes in providing the best quality home interior design services to the clients. We are defined as unique and most popular amongst the other interior design companies in Hyderabad as our interior design services are entirely focused on providing the unique and explicit designs to our clients.

Nifty Interio, luxury interior designers in Hyderabad and the cost of our designs are modulated according to the specific requirements of the clients. We are one of the low cost interior designers in Hyderabad that understand the value of money.

We offer interior design services to clients having both low and high budget. So, interior designing is not only for rich people by handling low budget interior designing projects successfully.

Project Estimation Approaches

There are two different approaches that we follow for estimating the project budget depending on the scenario and also the scope of project initiation – the top-down estimate and the bottom-up estimate.

Top-Down Estimate

In this approach, our interior designers have a meeting with the client to define the budget before starting any further work. Once the budget is fixed by the clients, our top interior designers in Hyderabad start their planning how to design the area. This approach is applied by us when the client has a fixed and tight budget in hand and want us to work based on this budget.

Bottom-up Estimate

This approach gives a broader space for interior design companies to give an estimation which equates to developing a working relationship. Here, interior designers do not have to think about the client’s budget. Unlike, the top-down estimate approach, interior home designers in Hyderabad needs to have a thorough understanding of the project. Also, communication is critical to the proposed client.

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